Community Driven
Community driven & fair launch.
Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges
RFI Static Rewards
Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of LGBT Token grow indefinitely.


Why Choosing LGBT Protocol?

The LGBT Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions
occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn.

LGBT Token is a Community Managed DEFI protocol using the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure. Anyone holding an LGBT Token will always continue to win.

LGBT Token are tokens, based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. Users possessing LGBT Token can exchange them for buying digital goods on the marketplace.

Our Tokens

What is LGBT Token?

Tokens Sale

Structure & Phases LGBT Fundraising Goals

300 Trillion LGBT

PancakeSwap Supply

413 Trillion LGBT

Burned LGBT Tokens

$ 1 Quadrillion LGBT

Total Token Supply


Token Type


Purchase Methods

Token Distribution

  • 400. LGBT Token Burn
  • 300. PancakeSwap
  • Cex Listing
  • Developed & Team
  • Promotion & Airdrop
  • Donations

After Burn Use Of Proceeds

  • 50% PancakeSwap
  • 31.68 % Cex Listing
  • 6.66 % Team
  • 5.83 % Donations
  • 5.83 % Bounty, Airdrop


Our Strategy and Project Plan

Our mission is that the most innovative blockchain technologies are freely used by LGBT people, and the decentralization of blockchain means that it is a system that does not discriminate between people. Our community is doing its best to be a premier Crypto entity in a world where everyone lives their thoughts and lives freely.

1st Quarter

25 June 2021
The project started for the implementation of the LGBT Protocol.
July 2021
The basis for starting the project was established by meeting by the project team.

2nd Quarter

August 2021
First LGBT Token is born
DxSale Launch
November 2021
Big marketing and social media push 
1st First LGBT Token Airdrop
Applied at CoinGeko, CoinMarketCap
February 2022
Influencer marketing push
1st Charity donation
2nd First LGBT Token Airdrop 
Communnity Voting on First LGBT Development

3rd Quarter

April 2022
Large influencer push
Listing on major CEX
3rd First LGBT Airdrop
June 2022
Donation of $100,000 worth of LGBT Tokens over $250 million market cap to charity where LGBT Token holders will vote to fight for LGBT rights in Asia.
September 2022
LGBT Protocol NFT Marketplace
December 2022
Donation of $500,000 LGBT Tokens with a market value of $1B to fund LGBT education projects to charity where LGBT Token holders vote

4th Quarter

February 2023
More CEX listings
May 2023
Publishing the NFT Marketplace.
June 2023
The global LGBT Protocol community is raising a $1 billion market valuation with live votes from LGBT Token holders for a viral campaign to support LGBT rights and the largest donation in LGBT Token history.

2.0 Roadmap Release
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Jimi Versteegen
CEO. Founder
image (12)
Ho Wang Son
CEO, Marketing
image (2)
Tijmen Dees
Idea Promoter
image (13)
Elia Albers
Exec. Asst.
image (5)
Anthony Pollard
Head Of Sales
image (6)
Sandy A. Poole
Head Of Sales
image (7)
Giorgio Nucci
Business Analyst
image (8)
Shuang Hsiao
System Analytst
image (11)
Sabri Mansur Seif
Head Of Investor
image (10)
Thimo Dorst
Contract CTO

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